Looking at the world through her eyes has been my favorite way to see it || #childhoodunplugged #thephotographerwithin


#childhoodunplugged || #mommamoment

She holds such great power… the power to soften a mans heart.

Sun kissed skin and wind swept hair :) || #summer #hearthappy

Each new day seems to bring so much of the same… Early mornings, the daily struggles of raising a strong willed child, the fear that I’m not doing it right, loooong afternoons that are filled with laughs, cries, hugs & kisses, tantrums, and exhaustion. Yet when I take a look back at the time that has passed… so much has changed. This sweet baby of mine is no longer a baby. In these last few weeks she has started to realize that she is her own person, separate from me. This realization has gained her a new sense of independence, and an attitude to go with it. The same realization has been a tough one for this mamma. My heart was not ready for such a big realization by such a small sweet girl that I still call my baby. I am thankful that summer has brought us longer nights, and thankful that I get to be this little gals mamma. Time is a funny thing.

A flower…

For your hair :)

Suns out. Buns out.

Suns out. Buns out.



Her Wild. || #blackandwhite

My Wild. || #blackandwhite

Warm weather and a top knot = #hearthappy

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